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The river affects our lives in so many ways. Communities were built around it. The landscape it's forged over thousands of years. The economy it's created, just by being there. The impact on history it holds within its water... Yet virtually nobody is aware of any of these things. It's time to change that.


Traverse the Thames is an online, TV, and social media awareness campaign about the Thames River, in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. It has been designed to give the casual observer a place to relax, chill out and browse through some beautiful photos on the river, or watch a few short videos that highlight some interesting and thoughtful facts about the Thames River.  Maybe they'd like to participate in one of our contests that will periodically arise, contests were they can win prizes just for appreciating the river.


They will be able to follow along the path and buildup to the creation of the ultimate crown jewel: the Traverse the Thames TV special - a 287km canoe and kayak journey that follows a small team of adventurers' attempt to do it all in one trip. (See "The Journey" page for more info).


Ultimately, this campaign will also reach out to the community and organizations that do positive work with the river, inviting them to participate in a project that brings positive change to the river or watershed itself.

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