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The Thames River is one of 42 Canadian Heritage Rivers.

Approximately 550,000 people live within the river's watershed.

The Thames River's drainage basin covers 5,825 sq. KM, which is larger than the size of Prince Edward Island

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The First Nations called the river Askunessippi, "The Antlered River".
John Graves Simcoe named it Thames River in 1793.

There are 13 dams throughout the Thames River watershed.

There are two conservation authorities that manage the river's diverse watershed.

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The reason for the two on the river is due to the dramatic change in the river from one end to the other.

Before the branches come

together at the forks in

London, they drop over

100 metres in elevation

from their headwaters.

The Thames has 3 branches (North, Middle, and South), and one other river (Avon) before the Forks.

Blackfriars Bridge is the oldest still-usable structure that spans the river.

The water pumped through the fountains is pulled from the river itself.

The majority of the Thames River flows through agricultural lands.

The river's path passes through

4 separate First Nations territories.

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